My parcel locker

UX/UI design, app and kiosk development, electronic design and production

MPL is a residential and commercial locker systems provider integrated with all major Australian delivery companies, including Australia Post.


We provided electronic development and the creation of an online platform and apps to facilitate tens of thousands of deliveries per month into hospitals, libraries, apartment buildings, corporate offices and even the US Embassy. Security is a key concern for the project due to the value and sensitive nature of many of the packages, which we address at every level of hardware, software and networks.


The system that Smarte developed and deployed is a complete end-to-end solution for body corporates and apartment building administrators, composed of IoT software and hardware components. The first intelligent locker system of its kind—and the only product in-class to digitally sign for parcels—the MPL locker technology has been built from the ground up with a dual emphasis on security and convenience. Lockers are password protected, and feature internal sensors that trigger notifications to alert residents of a parcel delivery.

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